As part of any online presence, having fresh content for search engines to index is vital to any web presence. Finding the time to create consistent content and blog posts that align with your company can be one of the biggest challenges for many businesses and organizations.

Write for people first!

It is important to provide information to people at all stages of the sales cycle depending on your business model. Whether you are educating your audience, providing information on your expertise and niche, news in your industry, new products and services; there are endless topics to publish on your company blog and publishing on external websites. Take advantage of the internet and utilizing it to the best of its ability by capturing your audience with fresh high quality content.

It is very important to create high quality, unique content that users will enjoy reading and is free of spelling errors, grammar errors and is easily digestible to the reader. 

Understanding Search Engines and Content!

Search engines crawl the web (websites and web-pages) looking for fresh, updated, relevant content. When providing fresh content on a regular basis and keeping current with blog posts, search engines will start coming to your web pages more frequently to index new content. 

There are three types of search queries:

Informational: Informational search queries are keyword phrases people type into search engines. A good example of these types of keyword phrases would be “questions”. What are the questions people are typing into search engines when they are at the beginning of a sales cycle, middle of a sales cycle and ready to make a purchase? Writing content geared towards these informational type of queries and answering their questions. 50% – 80% of search queries are Informational type queries. 

Navigational: Navigational search queries are branded keywords terms/phrases people type into search engines looking for a specific business or organization. Appearing well in the search results for your branded terms is very important to driving targeted traffic. 

Transnational:  Transaction search queries are search queries where people are typing in keyword phrases that show strong intent to make a purchase. they are at the end of the sales cycle. These are great terms to include into your organic and paid digital marketing strategy. 

Understanding why content is so important to users and to search engines is equally important when incorporating into your online presence and marketing strategy.

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