As a small business owner in Canada, your goal is to grow your business and make it successful. You have built a business plan, worked hard to implement it and now want to take it to the next level.

Digital marketing promotions can help you here, not only in normal “business as usual” circumstances, but also now during COVID 19 times when the pandemic has negatively impacted small businesses and dampened consumer sentiment.

Digital marketing promotion for small business
The question is what kind of a promotion do you need and how will it be carried out? Who will bring the idea and will it be relevant to your business? After all, any digital initiative requires an investment and this investment needs to be measured against a proposed outcome.

It is here that an SEO Consultant Calgary plays a vital role. The consultant builds the complete end-to-end digital roadmap for your small business that helps you attract new customers, build your brand and maximize the returns on your digital marketing promotion.

Digital marketing promotions for your business
Digital marketing is an extensive field. Rather than spread out too thinly and stretch your budget, better is to focus on five top digital marketing promotions and customize them to your specific situation. These strategies are summarized below.

Offering incentives and creating landing pages associated with them
Being creative in digital marketing is a blessing. Instead of relying upon visitors to come to your website and then discover ongoing incentives, you need to work differently. You can leverage Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising to identify trending keywords related to your products and services. Next is to build an incentive program that offers discounts, deals and loyalty benefits – any idea that you can come up with to woo your customers.

In the last step you need to build a landing page dedicated to that incentive. It should have a nice headline, engaging content and visible call-to-action (CTA) button. This will ensure that visitors land on your page and can sign up for an incentive program without having to browse through your whole site, which is time consuming and not user friendly.

Start to involve yourself and your business in local events
As a small business owner, you need to get involved with and be seen in the community that you serve. The objective is to identify your business as being a part of the community and associated with its activities. Once people see you as being one of them, they will support you at every opportunity.

Your SEO Consultant Calgary recommendation is to actively participate in local events such as exhibitions, seminars or local gatherings. You can maximize your involvement and make it visible by promoting it through social media marketing. For this you can send out invitations, advertise it and offer prizes. All these little steps will help you attract locals to your website and your store.

Videos drive more traffic to and add more credibility to your business
Having a nice good video on your website that properly explains your products and services is a perfect digital asset. You can further optimize by having a well-known person endorse the benefits of your products or perhaps conduct an interview with them in terms of why they chose your product and what benefits did they derive from it.
The best way to do this is through live feeds using Facebook, Google or Twitter by streaming directly to your customers from your location. Your audience comprising your existing and potential customers can be your audience and you could let them be a part of the conversation, encouraging them to ask questions and providing them insights into how you run your operations.

Educate the visitors to your website
This is an easy and simple strategy that pays a lot of dividends. It is based on the premise that users are always seeking either information, or answers to their questions. If you are able to offer them both, then they will become regular visitors to your site and this will grow your website traffic and boost SEO.

For this an SEO consultant Calgary suggests concrete ideas and the likely return that they will bring to your business. Some of these ideas include creating informative blog posts, downloadable Ebooks/ Playbooks, podcasts and videos on topics that are relevant to your business and to your customers. Gradually your visitors will become hooked to your site and the chances of conversion will increase.

Capitalize on your reputation and earn referrals
You can easily offer incentives to your clients and offer them discount or loyalty benefits. When they value in buying from you, they are most likely to make a switch and come to you.

SEO consultant Calgary recommend subscription-based services that make a client remain hooked to you for a period of 12, 24 or 36 months by consuming your products and enjoying discounts. When these clients recommend your business to others, that is when you earn referrals. Both your clients and the new entrant earn incentives and this way your business grows.

Building an SEO strategy
This strategy is recommended to help your business get more visibility on the internet, increase traffic to your website and help you grow your business. An SEO consultant Calgary will incorporate an SEO strategy as part of a larger digital marketing strategy for your business. A typical strategy is built keeping in mind both short term and long-term objectives.

Digital marketing promotions can make your small business regain the foothold that it might have lost in the hurly burly of the COVID 19 pandemic. Even otherwise the steps outlined above will prove to be effective for any business even in in normal circumstances. What is needed for success is drive, determination and perseverance in your digital marketing strategy.