Perhaps you have heard of page ranking when it comes to search optimization of your website. But passage ranking is the latest SEO trend where Google ranks individual passages on every web page per the content.

This breakthrough helps the search engine giant understand relevant passages and provide users with the best possible answers. “Passage Ranking” is a concept that covers searchers’ high intent queries and improves your site’s visibility.

So, how can a Calgary SEO company help you do that?
Passage Ranking vs. Passage Indexing
When Google rolled out the first phase of passage ranking, the original idea was to call it passage indexing. However, the search engine is not indexing each passage but the whole page.

When a user inputs a search string, the related content may not be available as a single sentence but in parts. Passage ranking finds hidden information buried deep within the web page content.

Like featured snippets, where you see a blue link, post title, and meta-description, passage ranking returns with an extract of your blog. It could have a 7% impact globally, and considering that billions of searches happen every day, the benefit is quite significant.

How Can Your Calgary SEO Company Leverage Passage Ranking?
The creation of search-optimized content is one of the core aspects of a robust SEO strategy. While Google still relies on the page title, headings, keywords, and other strong signals, your content’s structure and context will hold an increased value going forward.

Since passage ranking identifies specific sections of a page that match a particular search query, it is crucial to consider the user’s intent. In short, even if the rest of the content on the page is not relevant, the one that does very well can rank higher. So, this passage shows on top of the search results.

Here’s how an SEO expert frames your content:
Focus on the Structure
Firstly, your SEO consultant will research the long-tail queries with a combination of relevant keywords. Using the proper structure, they create SEO content that can cover it.

The primary goal is not to develop long-form content or a blog article but to include small passages that answer these questions. This vast information will be presented comprehensively so that users can find it.

Add Related Concepts
Google says that this new system will help people discover the topics answering their questions. But when you add related terms, sections, and concepts, your content becomes whole and complete.

Doing this will also tie the whole web page together and make it look cohesive. Since search engine crawlers are increasingly more intelligent today, they can better understand the content and context.

Format the Content
Your Calgary SEO company may already be doing this, but breaking the content into bite-size chunks will be more appealing to bots and people. Your readers can digest the information quickly when you set up the content in a good flow.

From a design and readability standpoint, your SEO consultant will typically use:
• Appropriate header tags
• Bullets
• Images
• Infographics
• Internal links
• Varying fonts
• Calls to action

Context Is King Is the New Rule of SEO
Linking open data to authoritative sites, ensuring deeper context, enhancing site navigation, and building a knowledge graph lie on the technical side of SEO. These tactics allow the website to communicate with Google and add a semantic layer in structured data. Finally, your Calgary SEO company can help make your site meaningful and in the right context.