For over two decades, Google has continued to be the search engine leader. But in recent times, a handful of players have forayed into the e-commerce market. In this year’s annual developer conference, the search engine giant unveiled a new set of updates to democratize e-commerce and enhance its “retail ecosystem.”

Meaning, shoppers can find the best matches they are looking for, and vendors get more recognition. So, for 2021 and beyond, here’s how to leverage SEO services Calgary for your business:

Advanced Visual Search
When merchants use the platform and add free product listings and discounts, they can target prospective customers actively searching for a specific product. Google has already been facilitating image searches, and people view unboxing videos of products to find what customers are saying.

Google Lens, using image recognition technology and enhanced visual search, accounts for over 3 billion searches per month. Whenever users take screenshots of any product, Google Photos will prompt them to perform an organic search for matching products related to the pictures.

Not just that, if someone points a phone’s camera at any item in the real world, Google Lens will return rich information like:
• Product attributes
• Where to buy it
• Best prices
• Things to know, etc.
So, as a seller, if you would like to increase awareness of your products, using visual search in your digital marketing campaign can help. Visual search functionality, which was around since the late 2000s, has become more accurate with its tie-up with the Shopping Graph – more on this below.

AI-Enhanced Model of Knowledge Graph
Google’s AI-based Knowledge Graph that debuted in 2012 is the forerunner of the latest offering, Shopping Graph. It is the most comprehensive merchant and product dataset that yields information about a wide range of items.
If people are browsing for your exact products, Shopping Graph helps identify those and related items. By understanding the sellers, offerings, inventory data, reviews, and related information, Shopping Graph provides shoppers with the correct answers to their questions.

For retailers, it is beneficial because you can list your product catalogue to be found among over 24 billion Google listings. Consumers have better knowledge of the things they’re looking for when you leverage local SEO services Calgary.

Discounts and SEO-Friendly Content
Consumers’ shopping carts from the past weeks will show up when they open a new tab on Google Chrome. They not only see cart reminders and will likely buy those items but can also receive loyalty offers and discounts from merchants. By linking their Google accounts to your loyalty programs, users can see when the items added to the cart have dropped prices.

Likewise, it is SEO-friendly content of your website that lets users arrive directly from Google search results. Consistently updating the blog posts, using grammatically accurate and engaging content, and incorporating various content formats (video, text, infographics, etc.) are ways you can keep the visitors interested.

Use SEO Services Calgary to Make the Most of Google Search
Google is striving for a level-playing field and open space for e-commerce and small-to-medium-sized businesses. With regular organic search-based updates, the industry giant is creating a massive opportunity for Calgary merchants. With an advanced strategy for SEO services Calgary, you can provide users with a fantastic digital commerce experience.