There are several reasons why your business should be conducting a website audit and online marketing health check. A website audit provides valuable information about how you are performing online, giving us better insights on the kind of improvements that need to be implemented to achieve stronger search presence, user experience, and enhanced conversion rates.


On Page– A thorough analysis of your entire website will help determine many factors that could harm or improve your search presence on the world wide web. We determine opportunities of improvement by assessing –

  • Page load times
  • Link Analysis
  • Content Analysis
  • Image (Alt) Tags
  • H tags
  • Signals to your website

Off Page– This relates to external information about your website. The analysis helps determine what strengths and weaknesses relate to your business and how your web presence can be improved. The following assessments are made while pursuing an off page audit –

  • Inbound Link Analysis
  • Social Media
  • Reviews about your business
  • Local search strategies
  • Site Trustworthiness/Authority

Technical Audits– In a technical audit we determine if there are any technical issues with your website that would affect your search rankings. We assess how your website would appear on search results pages and also look into the overall functionality of your pages. Here, we take into account factors such as –

  • Crawling/ Indexing
  • Analytics Information
  • Accessibility
  • Site Map reviews
  • Broken Links


Competitive Analysis
Once I have completed a thorough analysis of your website we can now look at your top competition to see how you measure up. This information is critical to understanding what your competition is doing and whether or not you are at par with industry trends. Review this information for strengths and weaknesses in the marketing efforts and find ways to leverage opportunities.

Once the analysis is complete, I compile a comprehensive report based on the findings and provide a thorough feedback. With all the information, a list of recommendations is provided with a consult.

A website audit and competitive analysis provides a comprehensive strategic course of action and strong understanding of the success of your online marketing and online presence.

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Interested in a Website Audit?