Funnily enough, being in the industry I am in, I should keep current with regular blog posts. When business gets busy, life gets busy its very easy to put regular blog posting on hold. It’s similar to my hairdresser, she always says not to look at her hair because she never has time to do her own hair. This is not a great excuse, but it’s the only one I have.

So, I am going to write about the benefits of regular blog posts for SEO and digital marketing.

Many clients I work with do not have a blog, or if they do, they started out great out of the gates and over time this slid by the sidelines.

Why Should my Business have a Blog?

  1. Blogging  for business is a great tool to answer the questions of your audience. This type of content will answer their questions and drive traffic to your site.

There are several reasons and types of queries that users type into search engines. Informational queries, navigational queries and transaction type queries. Informational queries  are categorized as questions people type into search engines.

Example: “What type of insurance do I need for my condo?”

Creating content that answers the questions users type into search engines will drive traffic to your site. When users are asking questions, typically they are at the beginning of the buying cycle. Again, providing relevant information is a very important aspect of the sales cycle. 

2.   Most small and medium sized businesses don’t have many pages on their websites. By adding regular blog posts, you’re adding content to your site. You’re probably asking, why that is important? Search engines love fresh relevant content to index, by adding regular blog posts your providing search engines valuable content and increasing the number of pages being indexed. This increases your footprint on the search engine results pages.

Being consistent with blog posts tells search engines that your site has fresh content frequently and that search engines should come back on a regular basis to index fresh content.

3. Blogs are social media. Not only do blog posts serve as a great tool for fresh content to search engines, answering queries from users, but they are also available for interactions from readers. This allows you to interact with your readers.  Blog posts can contain comment fields for readers to leave their feedback.

The other side of blog posts and social media, is readers can share your blog posts on social media, allowing for more exposure to your brand and content.

4. By providing information on your niche allows your business to stand out from the rest and be relevant in your industry. As mentioned above, 80% of search queries users are seeking information. This is a great tool to provide information and become an industry leader.

5. Blogs do not have to be only in a text format. Utilizing multimedia such as video, info graphics can be a great way to engage your audience and organize information. Make sure you optimize whatever format you choose properly so search engines know what your content is about.